Twilight Teeth - Whiter Teeth while you tan

Twilight Teeth - Platinum 25 Kit

Twilight Teeth is the original teeth whitening system for the tanning industry. Widely used by the tanning industry for years, it is now available for home tanning. The UV rays from your tanning lamp accelerates the whitening process giving you a noticably brighter smile after just 3 applications.

It's easy to use. Before your tanning session, place Twilight Teeth mouthguard in place - one size fits all. Apply thin layer of Platinum 25 U.V. Whitener one tooth at a time using an up and down motion. Re-dip the brush as needed. Do not rinse. Twilight Teeth is quickly absorbed during your session and whitens effortlessly throughout the day.

Platinum 25 Kit includes mouthguard, applicator brush and one tube of Platinum 25 U.V. Whitener - enough for 10-12 sessions.

Replacement tube is for the Platinum 25 Whitener only.

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HL7300 Twilight Teeth - Platinum 25 Kit $24.99
HL7310 Twilight Teeth - Replacement Tube $12.99