Typar Premium QuikTear

Typar Premium QuikTear - 3 x 50 - <B>ONLY ONE LEFT</B>

Typar Premium with a twist. Typar QuikTear Fabric allows you to choose and tear your fabric length quickly without the use of scissors.

Typar PREMIUM Landscape Fabric is a premium product without the premium price.

The cost effective 1.9 ounce fabric is durable to last longer and a one-time installation prevents weed growth for years.

Manufactured of strong and durable spunbonded polypropylene by Fiberweb® in Old Hickory, Tennessee, Typar Premium Landscape Fabric is composed of continuous fibers, so unlike some woven landscape fabrics, it will not unravel or fray. The fibers are bonded closely together to create a mat that prevents weed roots from growing through.

Typar Premium Landscape Fabric is lightweight so it's easy to take to the job site, and its flexible structure makes it a cinch to install.

Check out these features:
  • Porous 100% Polypropylene Nonwoven Construction Breathes
  • Moisture, Fertilizers, Air Reach Plants to Allow for Healthy Soil
  • Durable, Tear-Resistant; Won't Rot or Mildew
  • Lightweight, Easy to Install, Follows Natural Ground Contours
  • Ideal for Use in Landscaped Beds, Under Decks and Walkways
  • Cover with 3-4" of Mulch, Bark or Stone
  • 10 Year Guarantee
Product Specifications:
  • Unit Weight (oz/yds2) 1.9
  • Tensile Strength(lbs) 73
  • Elongation at Break (%) >70
  • Puncture Strength (lbs) 23
  • Air Opening Size (equivalent sieve) 30/40
  • Air Opening Size (mm) 0.52
  • Trap Tear (lbs) 35
  • Air Permeability (cm/sec) 10x10-2
  • Flux (gal/ft2/min) 200
  • Permitivity (sec-1) 3.0
  • Thickness 11.5 mils
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