GreenStakes biodegradable garden anchoring stakes

GreenStakes - 4 inch - <B>SORRY, SOLD OUT</B>

GreenStakes - 45% More Anchoring Power than a 6" metal stake.

  • 100% Biodegradable - GreenStakes™ completely disappear - They are environmentally friendly and minimize the risk of injury to people, animals and machinery caused by metal pins which remain in the ground forever
  • Reduced Risk of Injury - Reduce risk of injury to the public, employees and animals caused by metal pins remaining in the ground or metal pins becoming a dangerous projectile if caught in machinery
  • Reduced Equipment Damage - Reduce risk of damage to equipment, such as mower blades, tires, etc., caused by metal fasteners remaining in the ground.
  • Endorsed by renowned conservationist Nick Silvis.
Cost Savings of GreenStakes™ versus traditional metal pins:
  • No more return visits to site to remove metal pins
  • Reduced risk and cost of potential injury claims.
  • Reduced risk and cost of equipment damage.
  • No environmental damage.
Uses for GreenStakes™:
  • Anchor Erosion Control Blanket - For slope stabilization on: Highway & motorway embankments/ Drain Channels/ Sloped areas on residential, commercial and sports ground developments
  • Fasten Down Seed Germination
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