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Shade Cloth

Finally. A website that makes ordering shade cloth simple. Absolutely no additional charges for edge binding, grommets, fabrication or custom sizes. It’s all included! And it’s easy to order shade cloth online. Order direct from the manufacturer and save big money.

Call us toll free at 1-866-727-6658 for a custom quote without the custom price or email us at

Knitted vs. Woven Shade Cloth - What's the Difference?

What Percentage Do I Need?

Knitted Shade Cloth

Buy either finished with edging and grommets or unfinished and use our Clip-Its to attach. CLICK ON PICTURES FOR SIZES AND PRICING

30% Black Shade Cloth

40% Black Shade Cloth

50% Black Shade Cloth

60% Black Shade Cloth

70% Black Shade Cloth

80% Black Shade Cloth

90% Black Shade Cloth

40% White Shade Cloth

50% White Shade Cloth

60% Green Shade Cloth

65% Ultra Tan Shade Cloth

Smoke Blue Shade - 70%

Merlot Shade Cloth - 70%

87% Grey Shade Cloth

87% Green Shade Cloth

87% Desert Sand Shade Cloth

Desert Festival Shade Cloth

Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - for unfinished shade cloth

Shark Bites Fastener

DeWitt Zip Ties

Bungee Balls

Batten Tape

Brass Grommet Kit - Includes 12 grommets

Woven Shade Cloth

Woven Shade is made from 100% polypropylene monofilament strands. It is UV stabilized to hold up under the most extreme solar conditions. Woven Shade can be used for a variety of applications: wind and privacy screen, shading for sports and recreation, livestock, patio, dog kennels and solar protection for plants.

Woven Shade Cloth - 30%

Woven Shade Cloth - 47%

Woven Shade Cloth - 55%

Woven Shade Cloth - 63%

Woven Shade Cloth - 73%

Woven Shade Cloth - 80%

Bungee Balls

Brass Grommet Kit - Includes 12 grommets

DeWitt Zip Ties

Aluminet Shade Cloth

Aluminet is a high quality reflective metalized HDPE knitted screen. Used in greenhouse thermal screens and as an alternative to black shade cloth. It is specially treated to prevent oxidation and:

  • Protects against frost radiation damages
  • Repels pests and thrips
  • Moderates day/night temperatures
  • Easy to install due to light weight and high elasticity

Aluminet Cool Shade - 30%

Aluminet Cool Shade - 40%

Aluminet Cool Shade - 50%

Aluminet Cool Shade - 60%

Aluminet Cool Shade - 70%

Desert Festival Shade Cloth

Bungee Balls

DeWitt Zip Ties

Shade Cloth Applications

Aviary Shade Cloth

House Shade

Deck Shade

Playground Shade

Sudden Shade

Truck Tarp

DeWitt Zip Ties

Pet Shade


Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - THE BEST

Shady Dog

Kool K-9

Bungee Balls

Shade Cloth Uses

Discover the unbelievable properties of Red Shade Cloth. Recent studies have shown that roses flourish under the color red, yielding more blossoms and taller plants with more foilage. Black spots normally seen in the heat of summer disappear. Tomatoes also thrive under the color red. You will be the envy of the neigborhood with your tomato crop.

Blue shade cloth encourages dwarfing and flowering delay. Creates a compact plant with deeper green foilage. Grow more plants per square foot. Also looks great as a decorative touch around your home or pool.

DeWitt Zip Ties

Knitted vs. Woven Shade Cloth

What's the Difference?

Woven is constructed from woven polypropylene. It is about 30% heavier than knitted and typically costs about 30% more. The lifespan is about 10-12 years. Woven is more plastic looking than knitted and has a distinct grid of horizontal and vertical lines.

Woven cloth does have two major drawbacks. It is only available in black and will unravel if a hole occurs. Primary application is for greenhouses.

Knitted is made from knitted polyethylene and has an expected life of 7-10 years. More cloth-like to the look and feel and has threads running in various directions. Due to the construction, it will not unravel if cut or if a hole occurs.

We sell about 95% knitted due to the variety of colors and strength of the fabric. Hundreds of uses including back yard shade, windbreak, deer fencing, aviary and carports.

What Percentage Do I Need?

The percentage listed on shade cloth refers to the percentage of sunlight and corresponding UV rays blocked. 60% shade blocks 60% of the sunlight.

The most common application for shade cloth is backyard shade - over a deck, gazebo or pergola. For this application, our most popular product is the 65% Ultra Tan. Also popular are the 60% green, 50% white and 80% black. If you live in a warmer climate, you may want to consider the 87% green or 87% grey.

Other popular applications:

  • 30% Shade Cloth - Great for pond netting and for keeping larger leaves out of swimming pools. For growers, 30% is perfect for protecting your geraniums and chrysanthemums.

  • 40% Shade Cloth - Keep your veggies from burning with the 40%. Also great for lillies and bedding plants.

  • 50% Shade Cloth - Use the white 50% for a cooling backyard shade. It hotter climates, one customer from Arizona quoted "Last year, despite the hottest summer on record, because of the white 50% cloth I was able to pick tomatoes, watermelons, chard, and lima beans all the way through to October." The 50% black serves as a paintball barrier and also protects your ficus from the heat.

  • 60% Shade Cloth - The 60% green is a popular choice for backyard shade. For growers 60% works well on orchids.

  • 65% Ultra Tan Shade Cloth - The most popular choice for backyard shade. Neutral color combined with shade factor provides an awesome combination.

  • 70% Shade Cloth - Used primarily for backyard shade and available in a variety of colors.

  • 80% Shade Cloth - Maximum shade for high wind areas. Very popular choice for backyard shade - especially in hotter climates.

  • 90% Shade Cloth - Also sold as Privacy Fence. Extremely popular with deer farmers and great for shading livestock.

Customer Comments

We have been selling shade cloth for over 10 years and have received numerous comments from customers which you may find helpful in deciding which shade cloth company to select:

  • I received my custom shade cloth on thursday and I installed it today. I am very pleased. The quality and workmanship appear to be excellent and I am very happy to have found you guys on the web. I can't wait now for a sunny day! - Andrew
  • I purchased the 70 % shade cloth last year to cover over my glass room addition and the temperature change inside was so incredible it dropped my air conditioning bill by nearly 200.00 a month. - Rick W from Lake Elsinor, CA.
  • The quality and workmanship is beyond excellent. My dogs and I say thanks alot...Rick
  • Last year I purchased 80% shade cloth from you for installation on a pergola we built. I’m happy to say the cloth stood up to a harsh Idaho winter, including a recent 50 mph, 4 hour wind storm. - Troy S
  • We love, love, love the shade cloth we ordered from you! And, ya'll were the best on-line company I've dealt with! Keep up the good work and great product! - Jody N.
  • You are amazing. I thought to also send an email in hopes to "head it off at the pass" and you have already responded to my voice mail! Somebody pinch me...I am dreaming! Thanks for the lightening-speed response and the change confirmation! - Allen A.
  • Appreciate the great service. How big is your staff there? I will send you some macadamia nuts to enjoy. What address should I send them to. Aloha...Sharon
  • Thank you for your PROMPT attention to the matter. I so appreciate this. My son said you were awesome, and he was right. God bless. - Sue R
  • They are here & they are FABULOUS! I am sure that everyone that sees these shade covers will be asking me where I got them. I will be buying more of these in the future. Thank you SO MUCH! - Kathleen D

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