White Reflective Ground Cover Fabric - 3.2 ounce

White Reflective Ground Cover - 3x300 - <B>ONE WEEK ONLY SALE</B>

White Ground Cover is a 3.2 oz., UV stabilized, white, woven polypropylene fabric with an expected lifespan of 5 years. It is a strong, heavy fabric, which allows it to be more resistant to tearing, puncturing and weed penetration. White Ground Cover can also be used as an alternative to a frost blanket. When applied on top of plantings, it protects against light frost and cold temperatures by holding heat in during the day and by blocking wind at night.

White Ground Cover is permeable , allowing water and nutrients to pass through. It is excellent when used in rose growing operations. Due to its white reflective properties, it will not draw or radiate the sun's heat.

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Item # Description Qty Price    
WG0330 White Reflective Ground Cover - 3'x300' - ONE WEEK ONLY SALE $99.99
WG0630 White Reflective Ground Cover - 6'x300' $199.99
WG1230 White Reflective Ground Cover - 12'x300' $499.99
WG1530 White Reflective Ground Cover - 15'x300' $399.99