Shade Cloth Remnants -- VARIOUS COLORS

Unfinished 87% Green - 6 x 33 - <B>SORRY, SOLD OUT</B>


When we reach the end of a roll of shade cloth, there's often some leftover material. Now you can buy these remnants at a greatly reduced price! Help reduce our clutter and give these forgotten pieces of our premium shade a new home.

Remnants are only available in the colors, percentages, and sizes listed below. All remnants are of the unfinished cloth with no edging or grommets. We recommend the clip-its plastic grommets for attaching this unfinished material. There is only one of each remnant, so act fast!

Order today, ships tomorrow! Only $9.99 shipping on your whole order.
Item # Description Qty Price    
RM1300 Unfinished 87% Green - 6' x 33' - SORRY, SOLD OUT $132.00
RM1406 Unfinished 87% Sand - 12' x 17' - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE $119.00
RM1310 Unfinished 87% Sand - 12' x 3' - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE $21.00