Tenax Premium C Flex

Tenax Premium C Flex - 7.5 x 330

The extra strength C Flex P Tenax brand rounded tensile deer fence is for moderate to heavy deer populations. It is designed to achieve a more formidable perimeter for larger areas greater than 1,000 ft.

The sleek rounded tensile design creates a tear resistant and long lasting fence. This UV treated deer fencing will last upwards to 15 years or more. This fencing style was developed for the toughest deer problem areas and it will naturally blend into any landscape making it virtually invisible. The premium extra strength has a breaking load of up to 750 lbs with 110 grams per meter of weight. It is less visible than flat tensile products and will look uniform and consistent. This sleek design will provide you with premium support against deer.

Premium C-Flex P Deer Fence Product Attributes:
  • Carbon Black Color
  • Smooth Rounded Tensile Design
  • Molded Weld Mesh 1.77 in. x 1.96 in. * Certified Consistent
  • Life Span 20 Years
  • UV Treated
  • Certified 700-750 lb. Breaking Load
  • Polypropylene Material
  • Made in USA
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Item # Description Qty Price    
DF3300 Tenax Premium C Flex - 7.5' x 330' $399.99
DF3305 Tenax Premium C Flex - 7.5' x 330' - 5 Rolls $1,850.00
DF3310 Tenax Premium C Flex - 7.5' x 330' - 10 Rolls $3,700.00