Silt Fence

Silt Fence - 2x100

Silt Fence is the most commonly used fabric for erosion control in residential and commercial construction. Silt Fence is made from woven polypropylene yarns, which is designed to block the sediment while letting the water slowly flow through the fabric. If properly installed it can control sediment from being washed into streams and rivers, which results in killing fish and other aquatic life. Available in 2' & 3' heights. These come with 5/8" staples - 5 per stake.


To Properly Install Silt Fence - Unroll fabric, stretch and drive stakes into the ground. Make sure the stakes are on the downside of the slope or facing away from the sediment. The bottom of the fabric should be buried at least six inches under the soil to prevent the sediment from escaping underneath the fencing. If connecting more than one section make sure the last stake of the first section is interlocked with the first stake of the next section. This overlap will help contain any runoff at the intersection of the two sections of the fencing.

  • Grab Tensile (lbs) - 111 Warp x 101 Fill
  • Grab Elongation - 29%
  • Trapezoid Tear (lbs) - 42x38
  • Puncture - 65 lbs.
  • Mullen Burst - 158.5 psi
  • UV Resistance - 80%/500 hours
  • Apparent Opening Size - #35 US Sieve
  • Flow Rate - 17 gallons/minute/sq. ft.
Shipping - Just $9.99 for your entire order. Please add $150 for shipping of pallets - SF5024 and SF5036. Charge is for each pallet.

Sorry, we no longer offer wire-backed silt fence.
Item # Description Qty Price    
SF2400 Silt Fence - 2'x100' $39.99
SF3600 Silt Fence - 3'x100' $42.99
SF5024 Silt Fence - 2'x100' - Pallet of 50 Rolls $2,000.00
SF5036 Silt Fence - 3'x100' - Pallet of 50 Rolls $2,150.00
SF9333 Silt Fence - 3'x1,000' - NO STAKES $164.99