Row Cover Supreme - 1.5 ounce

Row Cover Supreme  - 6x500

DeWitt's new floating Row Cover is made from 100% spunbound polyester. New technology has allowed us to create a fabric using micro-fine spunbound fibers. This has incredible strength for such a lightweight fabric and unlike polypropylene, is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

DeWitt Row Cover can be sewn into expansive widths to cover delicate crops, such as broccoli and cabbage. The fabric provides protection against cold (temperature underneath fabric is up to 6-8 degrees F. warmer than outside conditions), wind, birds, insect, and scorching sun. This allows growers the advantage of planting early or late in the season and also speeds up plant productive yields. Be the first grower to market, and get top dollar for you efforts with DeWitt Row Cover.

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Item # Description Qty Price    
RC3000 Row Cover Supreme - 6x500 $169.99
RC3050 Row Cover Supreme - 7'x500' $164.99
RC3075 Row Cover Supreme - 10'x500' $229.99
RC3100 Row Cover Supreme - 12'x250' $169.99
RC3300 Row Cover Supreme - 12'x500' $274.99