Pond Netting

Pond Netting - 7x10

Pond Netting is a sturdy, safe material installed over ponds to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the pond environment, while protecting fish and other pond life from predators. Pond Netting is constructed with polypropylene strands bonded together and UV-treated for longer life. Use of Pond Netting allows sunlight, air/ventilation and moisture to help maintain the proper biological balance for all pond life. Easy to use and installs in minutes.

Pond Netting has 3/4 inch hole openings and will last 3-4 years. Pond Netting Deluxe is a heavy duty netting and includes 1/4 inch hole openings to capture even more debris. Will last 7-10 years depending on usage. Pond Netting Deluxe is endorsed by noted aquaculturist Jessie Silvis.

Don't see the size you need - tell us what size you want and we will cut it to your specifications. We can even put edging and grommets on the netting to simplify installation. Call us at 866-727-6658 or email us at info@catalogclearance.com.

Shipping - Just $9.99 for your entire order. Order today, ships tomorrow.
Item # Description Qty Price    
PN0710 Pond Netting - 7'x10' $9.99
PN1414 Pond Netting - 14'x14' $14.99
PN3010 Pond Netting Deluxe - 10'x12' $24.99
PN3012 Pond Netting Deluxe - 12'x20' $37.99
PN3013 Pond Netting Deluxe - 12'x30' $50.99
PN3020 Pond Netting Deluxe - 20'x20' $64.99
PN3023 Pond Netting Deluxe - 20'x30' $89.99
PN3032 Pond Netting Deluxe - 32'x32' $119.99
PN4012 Pond Netting Deluxe - 12'x100' $158.99
PN4020 Pond Netting Deluxe - 20'x100' $289.99
PN4032 Pond Netting Deluxe - 32'x100' $424.99