Natural Garden WeedBarrier

Natural Garden WeedBarrier - 2 x 40 - 16 roll case

Biodegradable Paper Mulch - designed for annual gardens and plantings.

Check out these features:
  • Allows air and water through
  • Made from natural paper fiber
  • Gradually decomposes
  • Lasts a full growing season
  • No clean up - simply till into soil
  • Excellent for vegetable gardens
  • Use in flower gardens too
Made from all natural cellulose fibers, DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier is a 100% biodegradable paper mulch that decomposes at the end of the season. This garden mulch effectively eliminates weeds, helps reduce erosion, can moderate soil temperatures and can be worked into the soil after the growing season.

DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier is the environmentally sound and acceptable replacement for plastic mulches and is a natural choice for the environmentally conscious.

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Item # Description Qty Price    
NA2400 Natural Garden WeedBarrier - 2' x 40' - 16 roll case $124.99
NA3412 Natural Garden WeedBarrier - 3x40 - 12 roll case $156.00
NA3808 Natural Garden WeedBarrier - 3x80 - 8 roll case $200.00
NA4412 Natural Garden WeedBarrier - 4x40 - 12 roll case $204.00