Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - THE BEST

Lindas Kennel Shade Cloth - 4 x 6

Buy the Best - Your dog will thank you.

The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation was created by the award winning actress as a symbol of her lifelong compassion for animal life. Ms. Blair is very concerned with quality when it comes to her animal friends and worked with us to design the optimum shade environment for the animals she cares for. She meticulously evaluated every component of the kennel cloth and selected only the finest. Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth is the result of these efforts. If you share Linda's passion for our canine friends, buy the best for your dog.

Check out these features and compare to the competition - no other kennel shade comes close:
  • Material - Each panel is fabricated from our 65% Ultra Tan knitted polyethylene. This color was selected as it provides additional cooling when compared to the darker colors typically offered as kennel shade. Our 100% UV stabilized material is incredibly durable and is designed to withstand the summer heat and harsh winters. Its unique "ravel-free" lockstitch construction and light weight make it the superior choice for kennel shade.

  • Around the Edges - We use #4 brass grommets and 2 3/4" black reinforcement tape. The grommets are placed every 2 feet around the perimeter of the panel. The taped edges are double stitched for extra holding power.

  • Kennel Attachment - We supply 11" plastic cable ties to make it easy to attach the kennel cloth to your structure.

To learn more about the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and how you can help this outstanding organization, please click here LBWF

Shipping - Just $9.99 for your entire order.
Item # Description Qty Price    
LB0406 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 4' x 6' $44.99
LB0510 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 5' x 10' $69.99
LB0515 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 5' x 15' $79.99
LB0608 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 6' x 8' $54.99
LB0610 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 6' x 10' $59.99
LB0612 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 6' x 12' $69.99
LB0712 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 7' x 12' $74.99
LB0808 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 8' x 8' $74.99
LB1010 Linda's Kennel Shade Cloth - 10' x 10' $84.99